Berserkir Performance wear is made for athletes who don’t just buy a brand, but want to build their own – and own it forever.

Berserkir means berserker in Island and is exactly what this is all about – you set the goals and who you want to be, and we follow you the entire way. That is why we say that anybody can’t buy our brand, you have to earn it, there is no way around it, and no free rides.

step by step

So, why not let the world know you are a true Berserker and part of the Berserkir family, by wearing the colors of the brand you earned?

That’s the key words – we don’t let anybody buy our brand, you have to earn your right to wear it, and money is not going to get you anywhere – unlike almost any other brand and aspect in life. In fact we couldn’t care less.

Valhal Raven

We take great pride in our brand and so should you, after all you put a lot of effort into earning the right to wear it. This means that we have a very strong standing in who we do business with.

We only do business with European producers that can guaranty sustainable production, CSR, fair wages and working conditions / ethics, and of course the highest grade of quality.

This also means our products are not going to be cheap, but when we say you should wear with pride, we mean in every aspect, from your own effort to the quality and the values behind our brand.

We want the obligation to vouch for every aspect of our brand – and we do so with pride – this is our main value – pride in our brand, in our products, in our producers, partners and all the Berserkirs.

Berserkir – Wear with pride.

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