Our concept is based upon achievement, and the power of colors. You start from the white color of Midgaard, and work your way up, until you reach the top – the black color of Valhal.

Every time you enter a new level, you are allowed to buy clothing from that level, and below, but not clothing from the levels beyond your level.

You can always choose to buy clothing and colors from a lower level, with the colors from a higher level, as long as you have reached that level.

This means that at level Valhal you have acces to all colors and all styles – and you can choose to have clothing in every color with or without the Valhal logo – that’s completely up to you.


Is for the best, Valhal is reserved for the extraordinary achievement.

Valhal was in the Nordic Mythology the home of Odin and the paradise for warriors, and our top level. As you have reached Valhal you are among the best.

Wear the Valhal colors with pride as you have reached the ultimate level of performance. Valhal Raven is our level for the best of the best.

Black and dark grey are the colors of Valhal,


Valkyrie is our second highest level, and is reserved for the elite athlete and the extraordinary performance. Have you reached this level, you are among the best.

The colors of Valkyrie are brown and shades of brown



The colors of Vigrid are green and shades of green, and is the level of the great performance way above the average.


Asgaard’s watchman, keeps an eye on who enters Asgaard, yellow and shades of Yellow are the colors of Heimdal



Home of the Gods. Blue and shades of blue are the colors of Asgaard



The Fenrir wolf. Chained in Amsvartner in Jotumheim until Ragnarok. Red and shades of red are the colors of Fenrir 


Midgaard is our entry level accessible for everybody and the perfect choice for the athlete who wants high quality clothing.

Midgaard is the home of the humans, white and light grey are the colors of Midgaard

Besides the 7 levels we have speciel honours:

GOAT – is the must prestigious honour as it is rewarded to the greatest of all times.

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